Cannot learn SSD5

Running Windows 10, just got Gig Performer and enjoying it thus far, but now I have a problem: I cannot learn any parameters from Steven Slate Drums (SSD5). I follow the outlined process. I’ve successfully mapped widgets to my Lounge Lizard and Ample Bass, but nothing will take with SSD5. I’ve tried knobs and sliders, still nothing. I assign the plugin, press “Learn Parameter,” SSD5 pops up, but whatever I click on the GUI, nothing changes on the widget. Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Well, what’s the record for figuring something out after you post a question? It took me about 5 minutes after I posted this to figure out I just needed a gain control between SSD5 and audio out. Hopefully if someone else has this problem they’ll see this sooner than I did. God bless.

Seems SSD5 does not provide “Host Automation”, you should contact them why they do not.

Just got an answer from Slate Audio, they do not support Host Automation, so Widget learn does not work.

Wow !

With other plugins they support it, so one cannot understand this decision.

Well that sucks on their part! Inserting the gain control works for what I’m after but not being able to map drums to pads or anything seems like a bad call. Hopefully they’ll resolve that in the future. I love the plugin.