Cannot access Cubase and EZ Drummer plugins

I am trying Gig Performer. I run it on a PC where Cubase AI 10 is installed. I would like to access Cubase GrooveAgent and HALion but cannot find them. Likewise I have EZ drummer installed, and Gig Performer does not want to connect to them.
Anyone has tried to do and succeeded to do it?

Did you scan plugins in plugin manager?
Where did you install the plugins, path?
You have to tell that path to aging Performer in plugin manager window.

I just figured out where the GrooveAgent, HALion and EZdrummer plugins were and I have managed to have them detected in the Plugin Manager. It works well with EZ drummer and HALion, GrooveAgent does not initialize so it has been deactovated by the scan. Not a big deal as I have EZdrummer working.

Is groove Agent a 64 bit plugin?

There are some “in built” plugins that come with Cubase which will only work within their “home DAW”. Groove Agent SE is one of those candidates… i had the same issue, so i once upgraded to the full version of it which then worked in other DAWs too…


That might definitely be the issue. Thanks for your input.