Can you use Reaper Plugins with GP?

Specifically looking in my JS folder in Reaper and the Super8 plugin? Sorry, I’ve no idea what type of plugin it is or if this is possible. It doesn’t show up in my list of GP plugins, so may need to add a directory, but again, no idea. Kind regards

From the FAQ

“Gig Performer® supports VST and VST3 plugins (Windows) and VST, VST3 and AU plugins (Mac).”

Super8 is a JS plugin I believe.

No idea — if they are proprietary to Reaper than you won’t be able to use them in any other plugin host. If they are regular plugins (i.e, VST, VST3) that can be used in other DAWs then they should work with Gig Performer as well. So you need to find out if they’re proprietary.

If they are not, see this chapter from the online user guide that explains how to tell Gig Performer the location of your plugins

Jesusonic plugins, called JSFX, are dynamic text mode live FX processors.
Initially, The developers created these plugins for live use in hardware devices, then decided to abandon the hardware to develop Reaper.
An history starting in 2004: JSFX

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@jonathanthomas83 With multi-client ASIO, you can run both Gig Performer and Reaper. That way you can use your JS plugins from Reaper.

I currently run 3 instances of GP and one of Reaper…works out very well.

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I think Windows users may be able to use some of their plugins (ReaPlugs).

They can be used through Reaper but not as plugins loaded in a plugins host. They are deactivated in GP are not even recognized in other vst hosts.

That’s not true for the free downloadable Reaplug package, which i am successfully using in GP.
These are just ‘normal’ VSTs.
But maybe there are some proprietary Reaper-internal plugins, which i don’t know since I don’t use Reaper… those of course won’t run on GP.

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The free Reaplug plugins mentioned above - do work inside the Windows version of GP. I used the ReaControlmidi one (with some GP scripting to iron out the differences between GP and Reaper ) to very successfully use cakewalk instrument definition .INI files before GP supported them in the latest release. ReaJS also seems to work - although its a very strange syntax. With the latter you can effectively create your own VSTs - or, in my opinion, more accurately do something equivalent of inline GP scripting.

They are worth looking at.

thanks for the info. I left aside my Reapack and downloaded the right package. It works fine, thanks again :grinning:

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I like the Multiband Compressor… very good to “thicken” a sound. :smiley:

What about the latency of the ReaStream plugin ? As I understand it is a ReaStream plugin to ReaStream plugin audio and MIDI streamer, with plugins being potentially in distinct GP instances/computer, right?