Can rackspace drawbars mirror B3-X VST?

Can I have the drawbars in a rackspace show what the drawbar setting is in a B3-X program I have saved with the rackspace?

yes. the parameters and the widgets have a bi-directional relationship.

if you have a drawbar controller this would then be additional contol over the widgets and therefore the drawbars in the software.

B3-X has controller presets built in for direct midi control but for GP I wouldn’t go this route… I would instead make a set of drawbar widgets, map them to the parameters in B3-X and work like that.

I have a rack space that has the drawbar widgets already successfully mapped to my controller and B3-X. Is there a setting in Widget Properties that I need to address?

no… if you recall a preset in B3-X, the drawbar settings should update the widgets to that same position. is this not happening?

Correct. Not happening

If I create 9 fresh widgets and learn them to the drawbars in B3-X… then recall presets within B3-X it works… presets move the drawbar widgets.

In B3-X prefs make sure Hammond Profile is not turned on… just a precaution.

Hammond Profile is off. It appears that only one of my rack spaces that has the B3-X is behaving this way.

Must be how widgets themselves are setup in that particular rackspace… I’d just start with fresh ones and try to remap…

… or replace the VST itself in that rackspace and see if that fixes the issue.

I just trashed the entire rack space as all the other ones weren’t misbehaving