Can not deactivate GP4 and GP3

I have just received a new laptop to replace the old one dedicated to audio.

The old PC contains 2 partitions with the same programs and plugins, one as a sandbox and the other for the stage.

I have deactivated GP4 and GP3 on one but I can not do it on the other: when I click on deactivate, I get this message: no existing activations and clicking ok returns to the previous window.

I’ve never encountered this problem before, having already done this for major Windows updates.


There’s no need to deactivate it again - you haven’t lost an activation - it’s on the same computer.

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Ok, thank you.
I was not sure because deactivating plugins with iLok deactivated them in both partitions but GP was still activated in one partition.
So I may format the partitions when I have finished migrations on my new pc.
GP members always as reactive as ever :grinning: