Can i automate the "play" button ? and: metronom on-off?

Is there a way that i can play the play button from my hardware controller ?
ideally, i would like to start the “play-button” as is in any DAW with the “Space bar” on my PC keyboard ( mac, in my case)

same goes for the Metronom,
i would like to on-off switch it from my hardware controller without any need to touch the mouse or trackpad.
(also would i very much like to adjust the level of the metronom from a controller)

doable ? how ?

in case its in the manual, please just tell me: “yes, its in the manual”… and i will try to hunt down a guineapig for the dinner, hehe

This is in the manual

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If it’s only a play-button for one rackspace, you could assign a widget via midi-learn! For some racks I have play-widgets connected to the transport buttons of my controller.

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Thank you !

interesting, i just got a better access to the Manual now.

But thats a usual thing for me.
I need first to learn a device to some degree, until i understand the Manual,
respectivly get access to it, in that sense.

Though, the level fader for the Metronom seems not controllable.
( i have it allready on a own out pair, but that out is further used by GP also).

With scripting it is very easy to control the Metronome Volume.

var KNOB : Widget

on WidgetValueChanged (newValue : double) from KNOB

Metronome.gig (4.0 KB)

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Ohh,…ok, i just loaded this script. Well, gig-file.

it opens the question:
how can i integrate this script myself into existing projects ?

i guess i have to copy the text from your post ? but what further ? …i just went thru the manual, i´m still like…?? :wink:

You can copy/paste the script into your rackspace script editor, and compile. You’ll have to create a knob widget and name it KNOB in the Advanced tab of the widget properties screen.

The GP metronome at full volume is ear-piercing, so the script below scales it back so you still have full range of the volume knob, but with max volume at 50% (which is still plenty loud). If you find that you want the max volume louder, change the value of ‘2’ in the line Vscale = newValue/2 to 1.75 or even 1.5.

   KNOB : Widget
   Vscale : Double
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from KNOB
    Vscale = newValue/2
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ahh, this is interesting,…and gives even a small glimpse of how that scripting works,
respectivly what you folks are doing.

i managed now to incloude this script into my existing work in progress gig-file.
It works perfectly, and well balanced vs. Metronome Level.

thanks alots @edm11 !

But opens up again new questions :wink:
is there a way to save such a script+widget+ ideally also the mapping to the CC/HW knob in a way that one could just load one file, and bring it into any rackspace ?
without any new compiling.
Right now i had to compile the Metronome-Level script per Rackspace.
Is this supposed to be this way or are there at least some tricks doable vs. integrating a script into several rackspaces at once ? (within same gig )

and: i tryed to rename “KNOB” to “METRO” within the script editor.
This turned then the colour from blue to black. How would i change the colour to blue again ?

I never porgrammed anything in a PC, well exept once a first draft of a webpage.
so i have not the slightest bit of a clue of how porgramming really works.
But GP3 seems entirely worth it to keep here an Eye and an Ear open for this scripting thing. :wink:

That rename can not change the color.
And when you rename it in the editor you have to rename the widget too.

Yes you have to include the script in each rackspace.
But you can define a rackspace with all common used widgets and script
and export that rackespace.
Then you can import that rackspace again and build further on it for your need.
So with this exported rackspace you have a template which you can import for each new rackspace.

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ok, thats clear then.

but i cannot import just parts of a rackspace into another rack, right ?

since this is touching an allready existing problem for me, that all my rackspaces are works in progress, and several of them have features that i´d like to see as the base when starting fresh.

so my workaround right now is to copy a rackspace within a gig, and working then further on it,
which even increases “that” problem. But its at least a start.

Thanks Paul !

edit: yes, i´m aware of exporting rackspaces, i do this allready.
But more for security reasons so far.