Can a Line 6 Pod Go work in Gig Performer via Usb?

I’m a happy keyboard user with Gig Performer. It connects via UM-One Usb cable to GIg Performer.

I also own a Line 6 Pod Go and thought I’d see if it was possible for this work with Gig Performer via the USB cable.

If I plug a regular guitar cable and go to my Presonus Audio interface in this ‘analog’ style…this will work…

But is it actually possible to connect via USB direct from my Line 6 Pod Go? Should that be possible or am I thinking about it the wrong way?

I gave it a try via Usb…but can’t get it to make a sound…

…I can see the Line 6 Pod go as a “Midi input”…and then connected a signal flow from Line 6 Midi input to Amplitube or Guitar Rig…then to Gain control…then to my regular interface…

But I can’t hear a thing…but perhaps that is not even meant to work that way? Sorry…a bit confused about how I should utilise the Line 6 Pod Go! Thanks.

Are you plugging your guitar into your Pod Go, or are you only trying to use it as a MIDI controller?

So the Line 6 Pod should send Audio to GP?
If so, GP must see the Line 6 Pod as Audio Input.
MIDI does not help, as MIDI contains no Audio.

Yes that is correct…but just wondering i fI can send audio over the Usb?

Thanks…so is that possible via Usb…or is Usb really only about sending midi?

So by the sound of it (literally!) I need to go back to plugging in the output of the Line 6 Pod Go…to the input of my audio interface…and going the analog path? Or is there a way to have the Line 6 Pod Go as an Audio input…whilst still retaining my other inputs? Thanks!

Are you on Mac?

On a Pc

OK, first of all:
When you connect the Line6 Pod via USB to your PC, do you see that device as Audio Input in the
Audio Options Window?

So do you mean under Options > Audio Device Type?
In there I see the device as my Firebox Asio…is that the place to change this? But then I lose my Firebox input? Thanks!

Yes, with Windows you cannot aggregate audio devices - on Mac you can.
But you could use separate instances of GP.
One is gettting audio from Line 6 Pod and the other instance is getting Audio from you other Interface.

I can connect it fine…it is available…but then what happens is it overrides my Presonus Firebox as both the Audio Input and Output…

So you can only have one or the other? Is that correct?

Do you have other uses for your Presonus inputs? Or are you just using its outputs?

Ok…thanks…that makes sense then. All good!

Can see what is happening…and the options available! Thanks so much…all clear!

Thanks…can see that is an option to use my Pod Go as my master audio interface…only thing is the Presonus Firebox has a lot more dedicated I/O…

Which I guess is a point…in Gig mode I don’t really use all that I/O…might be more useful to use GP with the Line 6 Pod go with Bass and Guitar options…but then the other option is adding our vocalist throught the Presnous for reverb!

Perhaps the Line 6 as a regular analog input is easiest. Thanks for all the ideas!

Actually…this looks like a great option…had never tried a new instance feature…but looks like it is made for it!

Thanks…chose guitar as the template and have a bunch of dedicated effects in there…lots to play with!! Thanks so much for clues.

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Another idea.

You can aggregate audio devices in Windows using ASIO4ALL.

In this article you can see how I aggregated my interface and a virtual cable using ASIO4ALL. Link: Gig Performer | How to record Gig Performer's outputs via Gig Performer's Record feature on Windows

Additionally, great help for routing in Windows is ASIO Link Pro. Glitch Free Audio Using Gig Performer 4 On A PC From 2009 - YouTube

I used it e.g. to have Camtasia record video and audio while playing in Gig Performer.

Also to route outputs from Guitar Pro RSE engine and play along in Gig Performer.

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