Callbacks for songs and setlists

Events now seem to be rack based, but since setlists and songs now are great tools in GP, I think GPscript also needs callbacks for that part of the program

We know :slight_smile:

And I guess there are a lot of other things you know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Sorry to state the obviously obvious :slight_smile:

And I know, it is 42 :sunglasses:

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All joking aside, I cannot tell you how much we have learned from interactions with our users. We certainly don’t know it all…but I suppose I’m not giving anything away if I tell you I implemented

On Song (oldSong : integer, newSong : integer) …


On Songpart(oldPart : integer, newPart : integer)

for a future version of GP while on vacation in Europe (I’m still on that vacation!)

So many things to implement, so little time :cry:

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Enjoy the vacation - where in Europe are you at now??

Scotland — back in the US tomorrow

Nice - some sun to break the showers I hope…?
And doing a whisky tour??? :slight_smile:

Not a drinker — but visiting lots of places here. Actually we have been very lucky with the rain (or lack thereof)

Not a drinker myself but last time in Scotland (2017) we were in Edinborough and there is a whisky museum there which is quite interesting. You get to try a couple of different tastes and is just nice to do… again - not for the drinking…

And in 2017 the weather was REALLY bad - we’ve been 2 times before and had some excellent weather then

Yeah, we’re in Edinburgh right now – great city.

It is!.. Enjoy!! And have a save trip back tomorrow!!

Glad you’ve managed to get in some well-earned R&R, David…sounds like a wonderful vacation. :slight_smile:
Safe trip back. :airplane:

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