Cakewalk style instrument definition files

I use Cakewalk but not sure what this means. Where to find more info?

These are “INS” files (with the extesion INS).
You can load them in Gig Performer. See the bullet number 7, here: MIDI Outputs

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I had not spotted this change in the new version. So thanks guys for implementing INS files - it will help a lot with hardware instruments. These are not style instrument definition files as in the title - but just Instrument Definition Files. They allow you to change a sound/patch on an external (hardware) instrument by name and not by having to send specifc PC/MSB/LSB values. The INS file contains a list of sounds for a particular instrument and the mapping to the PC/MSB/LSB is done by selecting its name via the iNS file.

Originally designed for use in SONAR - there are lots of INS files for all sorts of instruments available Just do a google search for ‘SONAR Instrument Definition Files’ and sites that have them will come up.

I just googled for “SONAR Instrument Definition Files Roland AX-Edge”, but couldn’t find much :roll_eyes:

There are lots but they can be tricky to find as they are mainly for use for older equipment - and its possible that one doesn’t exist. You could try the Cakewalk web site where it has a link to INS files that are available (but you need to create an account to do so these days).

A lot of the files are user created as the format is fairly simple and they can be easily created with a text editor. Its a bit of work - but the result is worth the effort as INS files really help. Here is a link to the layout:-

You could also look for Reaper ‘reabank’ files as these do a similar thing and if one exists are probably easy to convert thi INS files.

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Interesting, thanks for the link.