Cables, those pesky cables …


Last night everything started smoothly … the load in, the setup – everything went unusually uneventful and smooth. Everything just worked.

The crowd started coming in and the back-stage, pre-show nervousness is there. I am listening to what’s going on in the theatre through my IEMs and then, about 10 minutes before I was about to go on stage, the sound just cuts off !@#$%

I look at my IEM receiver – everything’s great. Fresh batteries were installed, the signal strength is great … must be the cable.

Told my drummer what happened – he started “feeling” the cable and found a small breaking point. I held it together and it worked. The guys at the venue we performed were great and produce some electrical tape in 1 minute, I patches the cable and was able to performer the entire evening without a problem.

My stage presence was not great as I was afraid I’d break the cable, but everything actually worked.

We all carry loads of backup gear. Backup computers, backup cables, backup audio interfaces, backup tablets, backup hard drives…

Well – I learned that I need to carry a backup IEM cable or (maybe even better) a set of inexpensive headphones as a backup too – just in case your fancy custom ones stopped working.

Also … have a floor wedge or two regardless of anything else – just in case everything else breaks down.


Yes a backup of IEM is very important.
Last year in the middle of a show I was introduced to the crowd and I took a bow.
Guess what, the cable of my IEM was too short and it was ripped…
I was feeling like Mr. Bean

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Its really bad when you can’t hear the band except blow back from the mains. I had this problem on setup this past weekend and thought my earphones were bad. There was no turn on noise, no hiss - nothing. So I got another set of earphones and had the same thing. I then noticed the power was out on the transmitter. I fixed that and it worked. Congratulations to Shure for making a dead quiet receiver with no turn on pop- but it gave me a big scare!

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