Bypass all FX plugins at the end of every song


At the end of each song I’d like to speak to my audience without any FX on my mic channel and no FX on my guitar as well because I check the tuning of my guitar (with a second GP instance) during the break between songs.

At this stage I am using a switch widget for EVERY plugin in the rack. All these switches (sometimes more than 10) are then grouped and switched simultaneously with one midi command.

Is there a more elegant way to bypass all FX plugins in a rack (or globally) than with a lot of switch widgets for every rack? Like with Live Pedalboard or Native-Instrument’s Guitar Rig, the whole rack can be bypassed with one switch.

Make a new rackspace with only the routing you want, and switch to that rackspace at the end of the song.


I do something similar in setlist mode. I have a song/song part associated with an empty rackspace between each song in the set list.


Those are all good options. Here is another one. If you have all your FX in the global rackspace and you have a separate DRY and WET signal (which is the best for clarity in my opinion), you could just solo your dry signal.

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Hi there!

A query related to this :

I have, at the end of each song, a variation with all plugins bypassed so that as I move from one song to the next I have to pass through that bypass variation. I’ve done this so as to save resources as we have a repertoire with about 50 songs; some have very intense plug-in usage.

Maybe I’m playing the fool with this approach and my query is:

When you change to a completely new song, does GP automatically bypass other song’s plugins/instruments? Or do they all stay in the ram unless you manually bypass them as I do with that bypass variation?

Thanks guy in advance

GP will bypass all the plugins in the previous song, which will save CPU. But in terms of RAM, if you don’t use predictive loading, then all plugins stay in memory.


Oh! Great news! It’s good to know. Saves me a bit of time and hassle between songs.

Thanks very much

You shouldn’t have to worry or have hassle – just perform your setlist


Will do! Summer '24 will be the first tour using GP.

Will tell my experience.

Thanks very much for the prompt responses.

Then you will be an expert

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