Bulldog Sax - Will this work in GP

I came across this inexpensive sax plugin.

The description says:

For Native Instruments Kontakt full range samples for realistic playing! Sampled from a real sax.
You will be able to reproduce in your Kontakt the whole class and the beauty of the sax!

We recommend Kontakt 5.5 for this library.

N.B. Kontakt 6 users can use this sound bank but not as a library, just manually select the .NKI file.

I have no experience with the free Kontakt. Will this work in GP?

Kontakt works in GP, yes.
How things work in Kontakt is up to Kontakt. :slight_smile:

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I know, it was just the last part in the description that worried me. Can you access Kontakt sounds as VSTs, or are there only NKI-files?

It just means that it won’t show in the Libraries. You can go to the Files tab in Kontakt and navigate to the folder where Bulldog Sax gets stored and click on the .nki file. You’re still loading it from inside Kontakt.

Here’s an example:

ScreenHunter 53

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Thx a lot!