[Bug] SetGPWindowKioskMode


Very minor, and maybe it’s designed to work this way… However;

I’ve changed my global rackspace script to use SetGPWindowKioskMode rather than SetGPWindowFullScreen when toggling view of GP from my master keyboard - which is nice as it uses all screen estate to display GP UI.

In my studio I have dual screen setup, and when I toggle the view of Gigperformer, it always displays on Monitor 1, even though GP is on Monitor 2. SetGPWindowFullScreen respects which monitor the GP window is showing on, and maximises GP on that monitor (but still showing toolbars, taskbars etc)

As I said, very minor - just a bit jarring!



Unable to edit my posts, so will add that also SetGPWindowKioskMode(false) doesn’t respect the fact that the GP window was minimized before calling SetGPWindowKioskMode(true) - so calling SetGPWindowKioskMode(false) will always make the GP window visible.

Minimise GP Window → GP Window hidden
SetGPWindowKioskMode(true) - GP Window full screen
SetGPWindowKioskMode(false) - GP Window restored