Bug report (minor): Label hiding

I wanted to hide a label when it’s empty using the lines

if readmeText == "" then
   SetWidgetBounds(ReadmeWidget, [ 0, 0, 0, 0])

However, for a label this results in:


On the other hand, in the Edit Panel window it’s showing in the same form. I can imagine if it’s hidden, it cannot be selected anymore for editing.

Just to be complete, the definition looks like below

It would be even better if there was a dedicated function for hiding/showing a widget.

There is! Consult the docs or use the code helper by typing “hide”…

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It works, thanks.

However, I don’t see it in List of Functions — GPScript 4.0 documentation (gigperformer.com)


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This link is well hidden in the first pinned thread in the “Scripting with Gig Performer” sub forum.
It is however not to be found with all the other “official links” in the support area… i already had a discussion for that with no success. :no_mouth:

This was really intended to move a widget or resize it - not to make it disappear.

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Indeed, and I still need to understand why users don’t or can’t find it here!


Most probably because they seem to search for this in other locations / sources… :wink:
On the other hand you surely are right - i can’t tell you why, but the “help” menu is one of the locations i use rather rarely, and it seems that i am not the only one on this planet.

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Good point, I used the list from the website, but that seems than not complete.

I understand now, but that was before I knew about a function to hide a widget (which works perfectly).

Search works too

Takes you to this

from where you can get to this

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I use it all the time! Before I always lost the link to the doc, but that was before :nerd_face:

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I’m still new to Gig Performer :-). I already managed to make a script to fill in chords/remarks per variation/rack space (not sure if it would be interested to share it for others).

Sure and we have special category for this:

Thanks, I will do it after the weekend (having no time for it today or in the weekend).

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