[Bug] Program Change Assignments not correctly saved

For some unknown reason, some songs reset their PC assignments on boot up.


What I do:
I start at the state of in the first picture.
Edit → Reset Program Change Assignments → Reset Program Change Numbers (first song part only) → 100 / 0 / 0 → OK
I now see the state in the second picture.
I save and reboot the program. The state is as in the first picture again.

The bug occurs since the first version that had the “Sync PC Assignments with “All Songs” Setlist” option added.

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Can you reproduce this with just 4 or 5 songs?

Actually… no.
I just deleted the last song from the setlist. Now, reloading always resets to this state:

This seems to be a nasty bug where it’s hard to provide a minimal example…

Some off-by-one-array error or something?

Here is the gig file anyway
Storm Seeker.gig (3.3 MB)

What version are you using?

When I load your gig it looks this way


Yeah and that’s like the exact screenshot #1 from my original post, so what was expected! :slight_smile:

Do a test:

Reset with starting number 110

It is better to provide the actual version number. Many users think they’re running the latest but they aren’t always.
Thanks for your understanding.

Ah, sorry. Version 4.5.8! Was on mobile and couldn’t check online what the latest version was, but just updated in an attempt to fix it.
That… does actually work without any error. Huh. That was unexpected given that I had the problem with different setlists and different starting numbers I used over time…

Old topic, but:
While this solves the specific instance, it’s not fixing the general bug. Any plans here? :slight_smile:

What bug?

The unexpected behavior that the PC assignments aren’t corrrectly saved (in this case when using 100 as first number) as described in the topic!

I can reproduce this on Windows…with the gig file provided above by the OP.

If can reproduce on Mac.
When you change manually the PC number then you will be asked if this should be applied to all set lists.
When you press the “Yes” button, all is fine.
When you press the “No” button then after reload the old PC is shown.

Any chance you edited the gig file by hand?

Not sure about your first message with Mac, but regarding edit by hand:
Definitly not!

It’s an older GP file though, started at early GP3. As mentioned in the original post, the GP Version where the problem occured first can be exactly pinpointed.