Brass recommendations

I am looking for a decent all round brass plugin to use in a pop cover band. Eastwest Hollywood Pop Brass seems to be a good one, but I am hesitant because it uses iLok and I read somewhere that it can only be activated on one system. I need at least 2 activations because I have a backup laptop.

It’s on sale now for €136 and that is about as high as I am willing to go.

Any (other) recommendations?

I am using Kontakt Factory Library
Trumpet Section and Trombone Section, both harmony to 1 Octave
and sometimes mix it with a synth Brass (the old Quincy Jones Trick)


Thanks, I’ll look into that! Though I’m not using Kontakt right now.

NI’s Session Horns, which runs on the free Kontakt Player is 99 € (presumably around the same price in US$). Most of the other brass libraries that are in your price range require the full version of Kontakt.

NI Session Horns


I took the dive and purchased NI session horns. Looks like it’s the right plugin for me!


Let us know how well it winds up working for you.