Brainworx bx_rooMS reverb

Has anyone tried/use this reverb? It’s on sale for $30 and I quite like the UI/workflow - very quick and easy to work with. I’m no aficionado of reverb, but it sounds ok to me.

The settings banks A-D also seem like they will be useful. They are parameter variations that you can store, and then recall via host automation. So I could use a single widget connected to this to switch between different reverb settings in a rackspace, rather than set up widgets for multiple reverb parameters.

I also like the ‘Wet Solo’ and ‘Bypass Input’, the latter saving me having to add a mixer/gain before the reverb if I want to mute the reverb but still allow any tails to finish.

Voucher code ROO-MS-2999

Buy it :wink:

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I switched to this reverb for my acoustic guitar sound. It’s very versatile and somehow “organic”… not sure how to explain it, but it really sounds exactly as you expect a plate or a hall reverb to sound. Ton on options to tweak it in there as well.

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I’m convinced :wink:

Bought it.