Blurred UI

Hi. I am currently evaluating Gig Performer, and it looks very promising.
But the entire user interface looks a little blurry on my laptop. I am running with a resolution of 2560x1440 with a 150% scale. If I reduce the scale to 100% it seems that everything looks sharp, but then everything is too small on a 15,6" inch screen.

Has enyone else experienced the same?

What happens when you change the renderer in the Gig Performer options, Display tab? There are Software renderer and OpenGL renderer.

Do you use an AMD graphics chip?

Also attach the screenshot showcasing the ‘blurness’.

Thank you for the quick response.

I have tried both the Software renderer and the OpenGL. The result looks the same.
Yes. Its an AMD chip (Radeon 780M)

I have tried making two screenshots one with 150% scale in Windows display settings, and one with 100%. Hopefully the difference is visible.

Hang on. Screenshots on the way.

150% scale

100% scale

What laptop exactly do you use (brand/model)?

The laptop is a HP ZBook Power G10 A 15,6"
Ryzen 9 PRO 7940HS processor
Radeon 780M Graphics

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Does the AMD driver provide some algorithms to sharpen the scaled image? How to Make Your PC Graphics Less Blurry With Radeon Image Sharpening | PCMag

(I always bought nVIDIA chips because I don’t have good experience with AMD, even on SCADA systems, the display was very weird. Hence my “is it AMD” question).

I have an older ZBook, G4 I think… Nvidia P5000 GPU. I’m used to the scaling but I think it does affect sharpness. It’s part of the downside to a UHD GUI display when that is too fine of detail for most UI design. Great for making video content… not so great for UI.