Bluetooth MIDI Android and MobileSheets

Hi - so I’m using MobileSheets on my fairly new Android tablet. I want to connect Gig Performer and MobileSheets together so as I switch songs in my setlist on GP, it changes the song displayed in MS. I have my laptop and my tablet paired in Bluetooth, but have no idea what to do next. I think I set up MS to look for MIDI on bluetooth, but I don’t see the tablet showing up as a device in GP?

Does anyone have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to achieve connectivity between GP on a Windows laptop to MobileSheets running on an Android tablet using Bluetooth?

I’ve never set up a Bluetooth connection, only used a USB cable with MobileSheets.

Hi! That would be a good start for me. Do you have instructions on how to accomplish that? I think I’m close, but missing something.

On Windows BLE MIDI is not available using winMME, which is the api mostly used by DAWs and also GP. In Windows it is only available using WinRT/UWP.

It just so happens that I’ve recently written a MIDI router application using UWP for @olive who was having the same problem. It’s somewhere between alpha-beta but I’m willing to share it, if you want…

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Here’s for the USB connection: MobileSheets on an Android device connected via USB to Windows 11 computer

If he doesn’t want, I want it :joy:

Thanks - I think my problem is more basic than this. I don’t seem to be getting ANY midi coming into the tablet. I downloaded a MIDI monitor tool and it shows nothing when I send MIDI to it from GP. GP “Sees” it as it shows up in the ports when I plug it in. I can even create a MIDI out plugin for it. but sending to that port shows nothing on the Android MIDI monitor. The GP MIDI monitor DOES show it going out to that port.

I believe I have configured everything on the Android correctly per what I’ve read, e.g. USB function, but I’m obviously missing something or something is wrong.

So the communication works MobileSheets → Gig Performer, but not vice versa?

I have not tried it in that direction

Does the Test MIDI command step work, per the link above? Does Gig Performer see Program Change events in the Global MIDI Monitor?

I followed it to a T and no, GP is not registering it coming in at all???

If the connection is established, you should see “(Connected)” in parenthesis.
If there is no “connected”, then the Test won’t pass either.
Anyway, the first step is to get this Test working.

Strangely - if I send a CC instead of a program change - GP sees it?

ok - that was just an option setting - so working in this direction apparently.

and now working in the original direction … I have no idea??? Anyway - thanks for help. I guess I fixed something somewhere along the way!

So, all good? :slight_smile:

I think so - but I still need to understand how MS gets the MIDI data to go to a specific song

OK - so now I got that to work! I think my questions at this point are more for the MS forums than here. THANKS!


You’re welcome! :beers:

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If you could post whatever you find out (maybe create a link etc.), I think it would be very useful to other people here (me included, at some point!).


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Will do. I seem to have it working with USB now so my next step will be to try to do it with Bluetooth.

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