Bluecat Connector - MIDI and audio over network

This looks quite promising, especially for connecting multiple instances of GP…


Im still to try this other solution (free)


I’ve just seen this and thought the exact same thing.

Also it can send midi too so could be a loopbe alternative on the PC. Definitely worth downloading the demo.

I purchased this today. It tested out wonderfully for sending audio and MIDI between instances of GP, and also to external apps (I tested between GP and Reaper so far). Didn’t notice any latency.
I haven’t tested between machines over a network yet, but I anticipate good results from what I’ve seen so far.


I just briefly read the description. Does this also work across different OS?
Can I connect between Windows and MacOS over the network?

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I don’t think that there might be any restrictions… networking data should be “neutral”.
They offer demo versions, so why not just try? :sunglasses: :wink:

I do not own a Mac to test this. Just interested in case I ever get into the situation with a Mac user.

Maybe you could try to connect to someone’s (Mac) system over the internet?

That would be a very interesting experiment. Like Steinberg VST Connect without Steinberg.

I’m on the same page as you all, looks very promising for multi-instance GP. Virtually unlimited amount of cables, both audio and midi. Awesome!

thanks for the tip ! very interesting !

problem: i installed the demo, but can´t find anywhere this app ( mac)
where do i have to lo look ?
audio settings page in GP4 ?
…i see there nothing

This is not an APP, it is a plugin.


i checked that within GP. its not there for me.
Ok, so i have to reinstall it, it seems, and see again.
Thank you for clarification

Did you run Plugin Manager?

No ! oops. …i just did !
i forgot to scan for new plugins ( since i have disabled that )
its now there !..very curious, me

edit: ok, looks very interesting ! i trust blueCats work, and might just buy it.

bought it, use it. …M1mac/Bigsur.

i´m super super happy ! its like a late christmas gift, really.
Its such a great match with GP4…Wow.

things look good !
i made latency tests with Piano (pianoteq), using two GP4 instances.
i also made tests sending both GP4 instances to the same physical output, on the same AI,
Looks all good ! no problems.
In my case was latency inbetween of:
“not recognisable at all”, and “minimal phasing” ( playing pure piano)
both GP4 instances are set to 44khz, 128 samples buffer.

  • But: it creates for me, for example, a need* to rethink some thinking and patching strategies for the future ! ( and thats an important point ). / * in a good way :wink:

So, i just reached “blown-away” …“level-3” !
which is for a non-gamer a really exiting thing, haha.

Thanks for the tipp ! i had no christmas, but had it now :wink:


A question comes up, and i don´t want to mess up with anything:

can i have several senders, with same IP number,
pointing to one receiver, with adequate (ie. same) IP number,
IF, allways just one sender would be active ?

  1. is this a feasable way to work with ?
  2. could i create bad hickups like a crash or anything, if i accidentally would switch on two senders, with same IP ?

need to figure out my options

Within a local area network (LAN) every IP has to be unique, there is no way to have multiple devices with the same IP, at least as far as i know.
I just saw that you consider to have only one device (of a pool of devices with a same IP) to be switched on… i guess this could work, but i don’t know for sure. Maybe this also depends on how your router manages IP-addresses…

I forgot to mention:
i route only within one computer (mac)

My above scenario seems to work.
I have right now a bit of a confusion of what all i´m doing.
but looking at it, i´d say i have two BC Connect SEND devices with the same IP going to the same Receiver, same IP, but one sender is bypassed. so, only one sender active.

i also just had to deal with lots of distortion, but adjusting the buffer size with a BC Connect device worked out.

What i can say is: my M1Mac with just 4 power cores comes quite rapidly to its limit now, doing all this. ( but thats 4 very capable cores)

My main “Soundmaking” GP instance runs at 30% CPU ( shown value within GP)
My second GP4, a ambient FX rack is at 50% CPU, and thats allready too much, when i also have WaveLab (my recorder/.wav editor) open, also using the Connect network.
Using both GP4 instances alone works. Adding Wavelab without any plugins loaded, is allready too much on top of that.

So, this all eats some bits of additional computer ressources.
STRONG computers welcome !

Thank you for your input @schamass

And of course, no Blue Cat’s Connector for iPad?… :confused:

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