Blue3 2.1.1 out


Blue3 2.1.1 is released.
Now you can pitch bend :wink:


yeah. that’s why I got it :smiley:


Yep, it solves a problem for me as well with an old Steely Dan son I was learning.


But, i faced an issue with the Plugin State Not compatible to previous Version.
Did you Face the same issue.
I just informed Ray.


Didnt notice anything


I loaded a gig which used a previous Version and blue3 was not reacting and the volume Indikator in blue3 was fully red.


A previous 2.x version?


I was able to reproduce that Blue3 shows previous version.

I started GigPerformer, in the Plugin Window Blue3 2.0.5 was shown.
Predictive load is checked.
I loaded a gig and in the about box of Blue3 V2.0.5 was shown.
Then I installed Blue3 V2.1.1 - I did not close GigPerformer!
Did a rescan of plugins, V2.1.1 was shown in Plugin Window,.
Then I switched to a different Rackspace so that GigPerformer had to unload the previous rackspaces and load the new rackspaces.
In the about box of blue3 in the new switched rackspace V.2.05 was shown.
Then I saved the gig and did a reload.
Again in the about box of blue3 V.2.0.5 was shown.
Then I closed Gigperformer, restarted and loaded the gig.
And now in the About Box of Blue3 V2.1.1 was shown.

Could you imagine, that this way of installation could lead to crashes?

Normally I install new or updated plugins before I start GigPerformer.


All bets are off. Plugins are cached once GP is running – can you imagine how slow it would be if GP always had to check for a new version every time you load a plugin? (hint - same amount of time that it takes to validate a plugin!)
Always close GP before updating plugins


So it would be a good idea to deacivate plugins in the plugin manager which are not needed?


No, they still have to be found and loaded the first time they are seen. The plugin scanner does not keep plugins open after validation. If it did you would end up with hundreds of plugins loaded all the time.

The only point to be made here is do not update a plugin while GP is running and expect everything to work.