Blue Cat Plug n Script - Create your own VST

Has anyone tried this? I’m happy enough will the tools in GP and other free utility plugins, but this looks interesting in that you can produce a shareable vst.

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According to some feedbacks from users, It seems to be pleasant and easy to use, even for not programming people, but it can not going as far as one like without programming knowledge.

Yes I used it some years ago to do MIDI transformations. The possibilities are pretty impressive. But I don’t need it anymore because all hosts I use have become flexible enough to solve these problems without a dedicated VST/AU plugin.

How does it compares to GPScript, in terms of learning curve, to do similar things? (I suppose this software it done to do much more).

It is basically a wrapper around a freely available embeddeable language called Angelscript. ( and is more of a C/C++ style language.
I looked at this, along with numerous other embeddable languages before deciding to implement GP Script.

I just stumbled upon this scripting solution which looks quite promising to me… Juce couldn’t really get me from what i saw so far.

Anyone else tried it yet?

Long time ago….it’s a wrapper around an existing scripting language called Anglescript

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Yeah… just tried the demo.
Maybe i am spoiled from GP but this seemed to be everything but intuitive. Not my cup of tea! :-1:

GP Scriptlets for ever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: