Blue Cat Audio's Axiom product

I was wondering if any guitar player has insight into this much talked about guitar and bass plugin.
The level of detailed tweaking on this one (as per reviews) seems impressive on one hand to allow very fine adjustment, It is itself a vst host as well.
However I wonder if it’s a resource hog?

Any opinions on this as a plugin within GP?


Axiom has nothing to offer other than stacking plugins and that’s all and it costs 50% more than GP.

As a guitarist, GP is perfect for me and I don’t see the point of adding a plug-in host within a plug-in host other than to complicate things and increase cpu resource consumption.

There are already so many advanced plug-ins available to guitarists that the only point of the Axiom would be to offer a multi-effect for someone new to the virtual world.

However, if you would like more information, you can find a complete test with 61 comments and reactions on the Audiofanzine France website. You will need to use the translation if you do not understand French.

Testing the Blue Cat Axiom multi-effects and software amp simulator.


I will certainly read it with interest. My comment was more about features offered in Axiom as a plugin,
the host feature was just a “by the way” thing, but nothing seems to match GP as a host as I explore GP.

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Read it. I will not consider this product (other then Late Replies by itself maybe too early to say).
Thanks for sharing.

If you’re interested in deep amp tweaking, consider to take a look at MTurboAmp from MeldaProduction.

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Will check it out, thx!

I have not tried it within GP. It is an amazing software.
By the way, the review posted is for version 1, and Axiom 2 has been available for a while.
Regarding the price, they have offers for their customers. In my case it was 40% off IIRC.