[blog] How to set up MobileSheets on a PC with Gig Performer

Here is a guest blog article written by @DennisT2022

Link: Gig Performer | How to set up MobileSheets on a PC with Gig Performer [guest article]


I am also adding an option in the next update to allow the current page to be changed by using a pitch bend message, as this allows for even greater interoperability with Gig Performer.

Very interesting! :slight_smile:
Link: Setting up MobileSheets with Gig Performer

(the developer also mentioned this in the News section: MobileSheets )


Wow, that’s very cool. Wonder how he heard about the article, is he a GP user?v :thinking:

He got contacted by the same person that contacted you for the article :innocent:


Pitchbend messages are now supported in the new version :slight_smile: : MobileSheets Version 3.7.6 Released - Printable Version

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Thanks for a great article! I’m already using both Gig Performer and MobileSheets although MobileSheets running on a separate Android tablet and not connecte to GigPerformer on my Windows laptop.I presume it is possible, although i did not try it yet?
One of my favourite functions of MobileSheets, that i dont think was mentioned in the article, is the features for making notes in the pdf’s. After getting used to the editing features it is excellent for taking notes at rehearsals or during practice!


Yes, it is. Look here: MobileSheets on an Android device connected via USB to Windows 11 computer

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