[blog] Gig Performer and backing track users

A new blog article is live → Gig Performer | Gig Performer and backing track users

I’ll compile other tips and tricks in this thread.


Audacity gets free AI plugins for music separation, generation and remixing (oh, and automatic text transcription, too)


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Hi and thanks for this helpful video. I have a question on the streaming audio player. If you use a backing track, a separate click track, and a separate cue track, can you play all three in one instance of the streaming audio player or do you need 3 instances? If 3, can you start all 3 with a single widget?

The streaming audio file player doesn’t currently support multiple track playback but yes, you can use multiple instances and sync them to the global playhead

RipX is software @dhj used for steam separation.

Link: https://hitnmix.com/

It was mentioned in this live stream: https://www.youtube.com/live/kRTLVdZCPBE?si=2wWLrLE_atm2SCbw&t=2737

Does it do a better job than SongMaster Pro ?

Song Master Pro creates stems for Vocals , Drums , Bass , Guitar , Piano
RipX provides more.
For example it can extract the Snare or the Kick etc.


Is is also possible to extract separate stems for the lead singer and the backing vocalists ?

I don’t know if this is possible for RipX but I’ve just seen that the latest version of SpectraLayers offers this function:

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Hm… Yes. According to some tests, it does a solid job!

SpectraLayers 11

See here the comparison: https://divideconcept.github.io/Unmix-Comparison/

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Is Spectra layers available as vst? Or only standalone?

Only standalone as far as I can tell.

It seems that SpectraLayers Pro 11 is one step ahead of all other competitors…

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More is not always better. Scroll down to the Pink Floyd clip and tell me where the bass is.

I switched from SpectraLayers v6 to Acon Digital’s Acoustica Premium years ago for spectral editing. Faster, much better UI and the excellent Restoration Suite of plugins.

Plus, Steinberg is on my short list that includes Waves and Slate Digital as avoid like the plague.

I use stem separation for bass line learning and transcriptions. I don’t give a rat’s patootie about whether or not the stems added back together exactly match the original track.

In any case, I use Song Master Pro for stem separation and Melodyne Studio for note identifications. Works well for me