BlackHole: new free virtual audio driver for MacOS

I’ve only just installed it, so can’t yet draw much of a comparison to Soundflower. However it’s promising that it’s developed using current Mac technologies and claims to add no additional latency when routing between apps.

I saw that announcement on reddit a few months ago but never looked at it. Do let us know what you think.

Ok, when this introduces zero latency, what latency will you get with 1 instance of Gig Performer sending audio to a 2nd instance?
As far as I know you have to choose a buffer size in the audio settings for the audio in.

Yeah, you’re right. You will have the latency of the two GP instances. However whenever I’ve used these virtual ports, the second app is doing very light work - some post FX or to record/loop. So I run the second app at the lowest possible buffer I can get away with (e.g. 32 samples).