BingAI helping me with GPScript!

I thought I’d ask Bing AI about GPScript and after a bit of clarification of what I was talking about, and after pointing it to Welcome to the GPScript Documentation! — GPScript 4.1 documentation ( and telling it to ‘learn’ - the results were interesting to say the least!

This might turn out to be a great way to help coding newbies like me learn how to script!!!

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This is brilliant. What a great idea that was.

Obviously, it’s early days, but I’m going to play with it when I have a moment and see how well it ‘learns’ over time. When I first asked about GPScript, it had no idea of what I was talking about, so I told it to use the GPScript documentation to work out what I was talking about. I asked again and voila! When I have more time, I’m going to get it to generate some code for me and test. The fact that I can ‘correct’ it should mean it will get better over time.

We live in interesting times :wink:

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Hmm, I couldn’t see on my phone, but looking on my computer, it has quite a lot wrong

1, Semicolons are optional (just as a courtesy to people used to them) - you don’t actually need them

  1. GP Script does not use curly braces to enclose blocks of code. So that IF statement should look like this
if x > 10
   then Print ("x is greater than 10")
  1. You do not need parentheses around expressions unless you’re trying to control precedence.
  2. GP Script does not have character literals - there is no type called Char

… time will tell :wink:


I guess it needs time to learn :slight_smile:

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