Bidirectional Midi Using Sync Feature

I’m trying to use bidirectional midi but with no luck. I’d like for the button lights on the Korg NanoKontrol to reflect the state of the corresponding GP3 button widget state (i.e., on or off). The NanoKontrol is working fine as a midi controller.

In GP3 I enabled the Sync widget control parameter for a button that’s mapped to the NanoKontrol. I’m expecting that as I switch rackspaces that have this button in different states the Nanocontrol will reflect the proper value (i.e., light up for ON and go dark for OFF), but it does not. I’m not sure what else to do to get this working. Please help.

Are you sure nanokontrol reacts on incoming midi messages?

This should work with Gig Performer also.

I also encountered some button-sync issues lately, when i tried to sync the buttons of my Behringer X-Touch Mini with some button/swtch widgets.
@AIQ: What operating system do you use? How ist the functionality of your hardware buttons, are they momentary or latching? In case they were momentary, could you try these steps and report the result please?

  • place a LED-button widget on your panel, activate the ‘sync’ and the ‘momentary as latching’ options
  • connect the widget with a button of your Korg
  • then press the (hardware) button and hold it - does the light stay on? What happens when you release the button? What does the widget, what does the button?
  • click the widget with your mouse - what does the button?
  • activate the widget, and in case the button stays on then, press and hold the button - what does the button? Does it flash shortly and then go off immediately?

If so, then we have the same problem and it could be officially a bug. :beetle:

Thanks for the help guys. After poking around some more with your feedback in mind I learned that the device I have, nanokontrol 1, doesn’t support LED control from external devices. Nanokontrol 2, which I don’t have, supports external LED control but only has 8 faders. I bought the nanokontrol 1 because it has 9 faders and I planned on using it to control B3 software instruments.