BiasFX2: Plugin window blank

Hi All…

Is anyone able to explain this one for me…??

BiasFX2’s plugin window is blank. Tried AU/VST/VST3 and all are the same.

Oddly, Bias Amp works fine.


Any more details you can share? Has it been working previously, or is it the first time you’ve tried the plugin?



Forgot to check in a DAW. Fails to load, so not a GP issue.

Case closed.

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I use BIAS FX2 all the time with GP on both platforms.
Always worked well so there must be something with your plugin installation or setup

Actually, just for the record, even if a plugin fails in GP and works in a DAW, it still doesn’t mean the problem must be with GP.
See this link for more info.

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Hello all…

Turns out that when BiasFX Stand-alone updates, it does not do the plugins. I forgot that the plugins are a separate installer.

Updated and all ok.


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