Bias FX 2 plugin sound in GP not same as standalone

Just started having this issue today. Many presets in Bias FX 2 sounds completely wrong or no sound at all in GP but in the standalone version sounds fine. I had opened the plugin in GP and reloaded the preset (this usually fixes any differences and “refreshes” to the latest version saved in the standalone) but not working. When I switch to another preset in the Bias FX plugin (in the same rackspace where its wasn’t working) it works fine, but when I go back to the original preset, it is completely off or no sound at all. Very strange. The same plugin in other rackspaces is still working fine.

How can I force GP to load the sound that the standalone version of the plugin is using? Is there a cache file or something similar?

So if you weren’t having this issue before, something must have changed on your system. Any idea as to what might have changed?

Right. Would seem logical, but nothing that I am aware of. Worked on the gig last night, fired it up today and it started this behavior. I didn’t not install or change anything. I had restarted to computer (win 10) of course, but doesn’t help. Seems something got corrupted??

Taking it step by step, if I can load a preset just fine in the standalone, but not in the plugin version inside GP, where should I start? The plugin opens fine, some presets load fine, just some do not. Is it a GP setting (not allowing the preset to load that sounds fine in the standalone) or the plugin itself that’s corrupted?

I’d do a fresh install of FX 2 again.

That suggests a plugin bug. Unless you have some widgets attached to parameters and parameters are being changed.

Have you tried this with a brand new otherwise empty rackspace?

Its doing it with new rackspace too…

Any chance to test in a DAW like Cubase or Reaper?

I just did an uninstall/reinstall, problem presists. I know @edm11 you use BIAS, wonder if this makes any sense to you–> If I convert the signal path inside BIAS (while having the plugin open in GP) to a dual path, it sounds fine again. If I revert it back to single, its no good again. I suspect it has something to do with the standalone audio input settings from MONO to STEREO. When I put it to stereo, it sounds similar to the GP plugin behavior.

UPDATE: An hour later… I noticed that if I changed the audio input from STEREO to MONO in standalone BIAS, it would set off a warning in GP that either I am missing an audio input in my original audio interface, do I want a virtual one etc… Now mind you, I did NOT change audio interface. I only changed the settings inside the plugin, which was chained AFTER my audio interface, yet somehow when I changed the audio setting in the standalone BIAS, GP interpreted that as a change in audio interface having one less input. Is that normal behavior?? So essentially, for whatever odd reason that I cannot even beging to wrap my brain around, all this time I was plugging into the LEFT (input 1) in my audio interface, all I had to do was plug in the RIGHT (input 2) b/c all the presets that didnt sound right, sounded just fine once I plugged into the R (input 2).

So I don’t get what made the change from L to R in my audio interface signal since last night AND why if I change the input from stereo to mono in BIAS, does that get interpreted by GP as my actual hardware audio interface’s input was lost from 2 to 1?

I have no idea what’s going on with your setup or the messages. I tested out some FX 2 presets—everything is the same in standalone vs. vst. My audio is always set up with a mono input, stereo output in both standalone and vst. In GP, I use a mono to stereo gain/balance control before the plugin.
Very strange.

If you save that preset it should get displayed in the plugin within and plugin host, including GP.

Start by making sure that you are using the same version of the plugin as the stand alone version.

It wouldn’t be interpreted as that. You can see how many input channels you have in the audio input block.

Is it possible that you should change the BUS LAYOUT of your BIAS plugin?
Right click on the plugin, select “Bus Layout” and change the input to MONO.

Does that make a difference?

Yeah I know. Up until yesterday I was in the same boat as you! LOL
But besides what’s going on in BIAS, how about the fact that changing settings in BIAS (stereo/mono) effects how GP see my PHYSICAL inputs on my audio interface??? A setting change in BIAS gets interpreted as a physical device change???

This simply cannot happen. Something else is going on…

Are you still set up to use ASIO in GP?

Ok I’ll look into it more tomorrow or later tonight. Running out to rehearsal now, but yeah, GP sees my audio interface as having either one or two inputs on it depending on the stereo or mono settings I make within BIAS standalone. So if I choose mono input on the same interface within bias, then exit BIAS and open gig performer, it sees as my audio interface having only one input. If I change it to stereo within bias settings and then open GP, then it sees it as having two physical inputs.

@edm11 Yes, of course.

Well, it is with mixed feelings I report back that the behavior went away as mysteriously as it came. I downloaded a screen recorder so that I can show you the behavior but it literally stopped doing it. I am happy of course, but I would prefer to understand and counter what’s going on so I can learn from it as opposed to not having learned anything and therefore not knowing what needs to be next time. I guess I did learn a work around should it happen again.

However, the suggestion of the BIAS plugin bus layout was an awesome one b/c it was always set to stereo and now I set it to mono (input) and the signal is much fuller! So there is that silver lining! :slight_smile: THanks, as always, for the quick and thorough responses.

Glad you have it working - beware of multiple audio applications running at the same time and possibly having a different sample rate set. That will definitely change the sound of one of the applications at least…

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