Bias amp 2 - wont authorise

Hey guys

I have bought bias amp 2 standard version and unlike the other 64but plugins no matter what I do to scan into the folder downloaded it fails and wont not load this into gig performer. Yet in my DAW i can see this? and of course the plugin works standalone

Anyone been able to get this working with Gig performer 4?

Is it 64 bit version?

I use Bias Amp 2 in my setup and it authorizes fine, so I would make sure that you have the 64 bit version installed, as @pianopaul asked.

Works perfectly with Gig Performer

All Positive Grid plugins work great with all versions of GP including GP4. BIAS Amp / Amp2 BIAS FX, Pedals …

If you are on Windows make sure you installed the plugins in a folder known to GP and you used 64bit versions

And don’t mix up VST, VST3 and 64bit… like another user already did, which caused a lot of confusion!

i have downloaded the 64 bit version but GP4 still fails to authorise this. I have multiple plug ins and all worked. i even tried to download bias amp 2 into VST2 and VST3 folders and still fails i dont know what else to try?

sorry guys working now, I changed the file location of the pack but not the second location for the plugin thanks for everyones help!