Best workflow for common bass/guitar input?

Hi, I have a whole bunch of songs in our setlist with various custom synth sounds, backing tracks etc. all set up.

My new Bose l32 has only 3 inputs . So I’m now looking to use my Motu m4 and Gig performer for additional channels for perhaps guitar or bass or vox. (Rather than needing an additional mixer)

Now I could go one by one through the entire setlist custom adding the same inputs to every single song…

Standard vox
Standard bass
Standard acoustic guitar

However what is the easiest workflow to bolt on a standard input option for these 3 instruments… would I use the global rack space? If there is a particular video you recommend that talks about this would be very interested… Or any tips on workflow to just add a standard input option. Thanks!

Global Rackspace would be great if you don’t need different sounds for different songs.

Adding to each rackspace works if you do need different sounds. You could save a custom panel for each instrument so you don’t have to keep adding the same widgets. Copy and paste the panel in Edit and copy and paste the signal chains in Wiring view.

Alternatively give each instrument its own instance. You could have a handful of different sounds for each and use a Midi In block in the main GP to send patch changes to the Instances

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you already descibed the way to go: add the additional inputs in the Global Rackspace is the most convenient way from my point of view.

I do something similar in my hybrid rig, where I add my Kurzweil keys outputs to my keys mix.

Proper leveling / gainstaging is key to avoid unwanted noise!

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Thank you… so what you’re saying is create those standard inputs on the global rack space… but then I need to just add something to the local songs to tell it to use them… which I can hopefully just copy and paste…

I’ll watch a few videos on global rack spaces… I haven’t quite figured out how this actually works yet… but you’ve got me pointed in the right direction… thank you!

In the global rackspace you send audio via the “To Rackspaces” plugin.
In the local rackspace you use the “From Global Rackspace” plugin to get audio from the global rackspace.

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Thanks so much… I did it a fair time
While ago and was hazy on process.

So sounds like I just need to work out a standard input in global + controller dial on my keyboard/controller… and replicate it for everything on the songs with that input from global.

Thank you!