Best USB Cable Brands?

I am in the process of re-doing my stage setup, Arturia Keylab 61 MKii and Casio PX5S going to a rack with a powered USB hub going into a Windows laptop. Scarlett 8i6 going separately to laptop. Cable run from controllers will probably be 10 - 12 feet. Does anyone have any experience with usb cable brands to either avoid or recommend? I know the quality might matter for audio interfaces but didn’t know if it matters for controllers. Thanks!

I just use basic cables I’ve bought from Amazon very inexpensively — I connect my laptop to an RME audio interface with a $15 USB cable - never had an issue. I carry a few spares just in case.

On the other hand, if price is no object, you could try one of these :slight_smile:


The product code is OMG-USB-150. At least the first 3 characters are very applicable :grinning:



Do they give a discount if you order 5 or more ?
@dhj Thank you for the link :wink:

I use the Lindy cables from Thomann up to 5m length.

No problems so far. Also inexpensive - I always take spare cables with me - just in case, but never needed them so far knock-on-wood :sunglasses:

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I learned something new today! I always thought “Lindy” was a dive.


Wow, that’s spendy!
Is it for audiophiles? :wink:

I think it’s for billionaires.

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Well, for wealthy gullible audiophiles.

So here’s how I found out about that nonsense.

I haven’t had a decent audio system for 35 years or so and having finally moved into a new place after that time, I decided it was time to get something reasonably decent. However I hadn’t kept up with the audiophile world so I bought a copy of an audiophile magazine so I could read some articles, see what brands were out there, find out what products were being recommended and so forth,

There was a “products of the year” section with reviews of the “best” products for 2022.

One of them was a 6 ft. USB cable for about $2,500

The reviewer was raving about the quality of this cable because it reduced error correction and made sure that all the bits arrived at the same time, no phase problems and all sorts of other nonsense.

As I was reading that, I was thinking about my live performance setup where I have a decent laptop, a very decent audio interface (RME) and a $19 USB cable connectIng them and wondering how a $2,500 cable was going to let somebody hear results better than what I was creating.

Of course it was just the modern form of that monster cable scam that was around back in the day and I quickly realized that beyond finding out the names of companies to check out, I wasn’t going to get educated by those magazines.

But I never forgot about that cable!!!


I have found that choosing braided USB cables pretty much ensures they are higher quality overall than the budget ones with basic plastic sheathing. It also soothes my OCD brain when I have colour coordinated USB cables! They are cheap and small enough to always carry a full set of spares.

These are recent examples I have bought:

I also find these magnetic ones perfect for powering tablets as they are much safer to use when the cables might get snagged:

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For me it’s also important that the cables have a good strain relief, which those cables from your links provide as well - they seem to be a good choice! :+1:

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Although take care: when the strain relief is rather inflexible, you can damage the connector of the device rather easy when the cable is forced sideways. That is less easy to replace.


That’s one of the reasons why I always use the rotating magnetic head ones if the USB is just for providing power.


I recently picked up one of these for under $10. I have a usb keyboard (the QWERTY kind) that I was concerned with the constant plugging/unplugging. With this I can leave the usb connected and just detach using the inline connector. Works pretty well for that purpose.

I wanted to add that all of my USB keyboards (NOT the QWERTY kind) have USB=B connectors which are IMHO much more robust and not as flimsy as USB-C connectors.

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After having problems w monoprice USB cables and specifically the micro usb connectors- I started buying uGreen brand from Amazon and I am convinced they are superior because of better fitting connectors.

i´m interested. Do you have a link or a google buzz word please ?

I got mine from temu but this is basically what it is.

Custom Coiled Keyboard Cable USB Type-C for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 1.8m