Best Sound Emulation

Seems this may be the best place to post this. I’m curious as to what the best source of virtual instruments would be for use with Gig Performer. I’m heavily invested in Native Instruments. But I’ve seen and heard where Arturia was used and it almost convinced me to purchase that as well. While I can probably afford it without pushing my marriage into divorce, as an amateur hobbyist keyboard player, I can’t justify in my own mind having two sets of what is essentially the same thing.

It seems Arturia is targeting those that used the original instruments and want something that is familiar to them. Having skipped the synth revolution, most of those instruments appear to be difficult to use where Native Instruments seems to have the same voices with a fresh look at how to make them work. That’s just my impression at this point. That’s why I raise the question as to what is being used and why it is better than all the competitors.

My particular needs are classic rock/pop, modern country, and blues. So, everyone needs a Hammond B3, piano, etc. That’s the perspective of my approach on the subject.

So, let the debate begin.

I love the Pianotec pianos. I think Lounge Lizard does great at Rhodes and Wurlitzer epianos. I think there’s maybe more disagreement here about what the best Hammond is, but B3-X is popular and what I’ve been using most recently.

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Oh yeah, and all 3 go on sale from time to time - yearly?

Not to forget Cherry Audio.
And my secret weapon is Omnisphere.
What is amazing about Omnisphere is that you can clearly hear the sound in a band context without massive tweaking.
Many plugins sound amazing - when you are playing alone - but in rehearsal you do not hear them.


Yes I tend to agree with vegeais. Lounge lizard is a great EP, however there are many. And organs are gonna come down to personal taste. I’m in the GSI VB3 camp. The Korg Tritons are a good bet for general sounds. No 2 people will probably agree on pianos. I like garritan cfx.