Behringer X32 as audio interface - latency

I guess most of you are familiar with the X32 range of mixers.
I have the opportunity to get a Behringer X32 Core digital mixer (Midas M32C). It’s the 1U rack module without any analog i/o and works as a 32in/32out usb audio interface. (I could get one of the digital stageboxes for analog i/o as well.)
Have any of you experience regarding the latency of this mixer when using with GP?
Also, are you using the x32 as a combined audio interface and e.g. IEM mixer for your band so that your GP signals stay in the digital realm? Thanks!

We have an X32 for our IEM system, with splitters for the house. I have tried this scenario, and the latency was nearly in line with my MOTU M4. I have the Behringer X-LIVE X32 Expansion Card. Unfortunately, it will not record our live shows to the SD cards if I select USB as audio input. I have four dedicated outputs from the MOTU M4, all for GIG Performer.

Good to know, thank you! I got the x32 core for a really good price and I will test it with GP.
Which firmware is installed on your x32? Does it have the User block for routing? I think this feature was introduced with FW 4.
By using this User block you should be able to combine some usb inputs and the other inputs (direct xlr or AES50) for recording to sd cards with the x-live card. I will test this myself, having the x-live card installed as well.

Maybe this thread in the Behringer forum can help with your routing.

I also have FW 4 and can route USB audio without issues via user blocks; however, when I hit record and play along with the USB tracks, only the USB audio is recorded, not the XLRs nor the AES50 channels. If you can get this to work, please share! I would prefer to have GP direct, bypassing the need for extra hardware!

So what would your channel setup on the x32 be? 4 GP channels to x32 channels 1-4 via usb and channels 5-32 for xlr or aes50/ stagebox inputs?

I tested with channels 13-16 via USB, and the remaining were tested via XLR and AES50. The beauty is the flexibility of User Routing.

Ok, I will try your setup over the weekend. I know that what you want to achieve is possible, but the x32 routing can be quite challenging.

I had some time to play around with your problem, but I have a couple mor questions.
Could you upload your scenefile? That would be the easiest way to see what is going on.