Behringer x touch

Hi all, im looking for a controller with motorised faders , came across the Behringer x touch, has anyone tried this with Gigperformer and it is fully able to map to all parameters, also does anyone else have any other suggestions for a controller with motorised faders.
thanks Steve

Here’s one example, with video :slight_smile:


Thank you

I am using an Icon Platform M+ as well, which I got for the motorized faders.

I prefer the smaller form factor of the M+ over the X-Touch. They are both emulations of the Mackie MCU Pro, as is the Presonus Faderport 8. The SSL UF8.

The Platform M+, the X-Touch, and the MCU have nine faders. The others I believe are 8. For the sake of B3 drawbars, I favored 9 fader units.

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Exactly, me too, especially for using it live while playing when you need to do small adjustments. My setup using the Icon Platform M+ and its DU (display unit) evolved a bit as I am now not only controlling the RME TotalMix mixer of my audio interface, but also a GP 32-Mixer plugin for mixing my plugins with the GP Global Rackspace. But this necessitates a bit of GP scripting or programming a GP extension.

Thank you

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