Behringer FX2000

Has anyone created a midi controller Panel in GP for the Behringer FX2000

I use this device in the effects loop on my amp and need to change banks, program patches, and patch settings without using the hardware buttons. If you have done this please share how you did it.

You should be able to learn the MIDI messages.
What version of GP are you using?

The latest version which I just downloaded for my mac.

Have you gotten up to speed with the basics of using widgets as intermediaries between your hardware plugin parameters?

Yes, I watched all the videos in the online Basic Training series …but before I tried implementing it myself as a first attempt, I wanted to reach out to see if anyone had already created the interface. I figured that anything someone else with more experience could do would probably work better than my first attempt.

Fair enough - though I would say that trying to do it yourself would help you learn the system better and you can ask for help when you get stuck.

That said, it sounds like you are trying to use Gig Performer to control the FX2000, rather than using the FX2000 to control Gig Performer. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to be aware of what messages the FX2000 needs to receive to change its parameters. Once that’s done you can probably just create some buttons in a GP panel and attach them to CC messages (say) of a MIDI Out block that’s associated with your FX2000

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Ok, I’ll give it a shot and see what I come up with. Thank for your help.