Beginners guide to set up GP and Ableton on same Windows device

I can’t seem to find any step-by-step instructions or videos for beginners to set-up GP and Ableton Live on the same Windows device. I assume this should be posted under OSC. I’d appreciate any links.

My setup
GP current release
Ableton Live 10
Windows 10 Home current release
Home network wireless and cat5
LiveTrak L-12 for digital interface
Multiple controllers - Launchkeys, Launch Pads, X touch mini
Android tablet

Are you talking about using the same Audio Device from Gig Performer and Ableton Live?

Great question - and thanks for being such a valuable subject matter expert in this forum for everyone from newbies to old pros!

Short answer is; yes I’m using both apps the same computer and audio device - BUT after reading up on Ableton Link I discovered step-by-step instructions are not needed since syncing both apps was easier than I thought. I initially made the mistake of getting totally lost in the youtube video How To Use GP & Ableton Simultaneously Using OSC with Thaddäus Weindl. Which is very interesting and seems helpful - but I may have a steep learning curve to deal with before I get it!

Since I simply pressed Link on both GP and Ableton and then set Start/Stop under both app’s preferences - and everything magically worked - I’ll wait a week before I dive deeper into OSC to run both from a tablet or other touch device - and sync and change Ableton Scenes through GP. I clearly have homework to before I post something new.

So I guess I solved this myself!