Be Aware Of Possibility You May Have Saved A Snapshot With Unintended Settings

I have Session Horns (within Kontak) and Friedlander Violin (also within Kontakt) the Global Rackpsace. I use them a lot and they use a fair amount of of ram. So, that’s why I put them in the Global Rackspace.

I use a single MIDI OSC to send the midi signal to the Global Rackspace.

So, I use widgets connected to Midi Filters to block all midi data from the instrument I am not using.

So, on several occasions, it seems especially if I have not played through a specific song in while, the wrong instrument is blocked. So, for example, I get violin when I want horns.

If I just go into the Global Rackspace and then out, this fixes the issue.

Also, I have not had a problem where I played the songs within a few days of the gig. It seems like the more time I do not song, the more likely the issue will arise.

Any thoughts? (I have a feeling someone is going to tell me I do not have this set up the best way…, but I guess I hate making big changes if there is some quick fix).


Okay, I think I figured this out. So, I figured I would post this for others to benefit

On one particular song part, it seems to play the violin even though the widgets were set up to play the horns (both located in the Global Rackspace)

I could temporarily fix it by going back to the Global Rackpsace and sometimes just by pushing the widgets on and off (even though the widgets appears to be set correct already).

If I fixed it and then changed songs, it would be fine unless I went to a song where the violin was selected.

If I did that and returned to this song, it would again (incorrectly) use the violin sound instead of the horns

Then I went to another song where I used that same rackspace and I did not have the problem. It worked correctly.

The problem was I must have saved a snapshop while it was set incorrectly for the violin.

So, that is why it keep reverting to the violin instead of the horns.

So, I fixed it to play the horns and saved a new snapshop and this seems to have corrected this issue.




Appreciate your reporting how you sorted this out.

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Feedbacks are always appreciated, but if I may make a small suggestion, you should try to find a more precise topic title. Not sure that a user with the same problem can do a search and find your solution. :wink:


Yes, now that I know what the issue is, I can adjust the title. (But my initial post was still looking in the wrong direction. I guess I will just keep that “as is”).