Bass guitar vst tips and tricks?

Hi. I’m playing in a small ‘duo’ where I alternate between playing keys with all manner of vst’s and then playing bass guitar while the vocalist plays guitar.

On some piano songs I use bass guitar in the bottom half of keyboard…with bass sound routed to my bass guitar amp.

2 questions:

  1. Do you have any recommendations for a vst to fake a real bass… or techniques you’ve used to assist.

(I’ve tried the basses in the Native Instruments set and also Ample Free Bass)

  1. with the Ni bass guitars I get this slide sound when I hold sustain… sometimes it sounds good… other times it sounds a bit strange. Especially when I’m trying to use sustain on the keyboard part simultaneously. Even when I block sustain via midi in block… I still get this occasional strange upper Ching bass sound… on higher parts of the keyboard where I’ve actually blocked notes…

Have you had success faking a bass guitar with a piano sound? What tips can you suggest? Thanks for any clues.

You can try Modo Bass from IK Multimedia.


I second the suggestion to demo MODO Bass 2. One of its advantages is that it is modeled. It loads fast and has a small memory footprint compared to bass VIs based on samples. It also gives you much more variation and control of the audio output.

There’s a free version with one or two basses included that you can download to demo it.

MODO Bass 2

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Thanks… will check that out for sure! Thank you!

Checked Modo Bass out… works well. For some reason I had to block the sustain feature via the Midi block as it seemed to cause the bass sound to intermittently drop out… Might be something to do with keyswitches.

Anyway thanks for the tip… great free option!


I have every one of of Ujam Virtual basses. They have five, but I think the one I use most is Dandy. They can be played in manual mode or in auto mode where they will follow chord change input from a keyboard or other source. Each of the five basses have many patterns and they will sync with a drum vst. However, they do sound good used manually.


Have you checked out EZBass?

Last time I looked, it didn’t have a pattern player.