Basic plugin control question


I’ve got the basic idea of wiring in GP4 down and have some rather complex backspaces set up. I now have a new use case that I want to try, but don’t quite know how to create the appropriate wiring.

Here’s the setup I have in mind:
upon sending a NoteOn from a keyboard or pedalboard, this starts a wave sequence on a Korg Wavestate. Optimally, releasing the key/pedal does not stop the wave sequence. Pressing the key/pedal again stops the wave sequence. The tempo of the sequence would be set by GP4’s clock.

Now, sending a NoteOn into the Wavestate will start wave sequences. What I want is

  1. a latch effect on the key/pedal, so I don’t have to physically hold it down, and
  2. the GP4 clock to set the tempo of the Wavestate.

Any suggestions?

Should be very ease with a widget set to “Momentary to latching” and map it to the MIDI In Block connected to your plugin

Perfect! Thanks!