Backup computer or just boot drive?

I take 2 computers to gigs so in case one fails, I have a backup ready to go. The backup is an older model so I was thinking of buying another m1 pro like my main computer. In the case, I would also use the new computer as my desktop which also needs an update.

One fear is if I update the operating system- something will break. Same with any upgrade. Not always easy to “go back”. So I was thinking of getting an external drive to boot from to try all those upgrades or changes to my backspaces etc - then if it fails I can reboot into the built in hard drive.

What do you guys do?

I’m on Windows, but this is my procedure:

  1. Start quite some time before I need my computer
  2. Deactivate GP license
  3. Perform the updates
  4. :crossed_fingers: :pray:
  5. After the updates, activate GP license
  6. Check to make sure everything works properly

This works for me, but I don’t earn a living with it. (I’m not paid at all for playing).

A lot of people here refrain from doing any updates, and that isn’t necessarily a problem as long as the system is kept air gapped (no internet, probably no networking at all).

Using an external drive could work but depending on the os, it might be that the uefi boot code is still on the internal drive and it might get updated, which still could jeopardize your setup. Not sure if that’s really the case with mac, just pointing to a potential source of issues.

Just my 0.5 cents

Why don’t you use a virtual drive?
Link: Rory Townsend - #2 by npudar

That’s a good idea! The change over would be quick since I would not have to connect anything. But I do worry about losing data when re-partitioning the drive. Also will cut my storage capacity per virtual drive. But something to consider!

Then create a backup on your external drive :slight_smile:
The disk itself could be dynamically expanding.