B3-X reverb issue

I have a rackspace that is populated with an instance of B3-X and have encountered a strange issue with a particular preset in B3-X - Chicago Rock. When I call up the rackspace, the particular preset has an inordinate amount of reverb in it. I have bypassed the reverb in POSTFX, as well as making sure the reverb pedal is turned off in STOMPS. Still, there is reverb. I have no other routings of effects blocks in this rackspace. I’m quite confused. Can anyone using B3-X pull up the Chicago Rock preset and see if they are experiencing this same issue?

Here’s the rackspace…

YOUR SMILING FACE.rackspace (569.6 KB)

I think its coming from the guitar amp (Under CABS>GUITAR AMP). If you mute it there, the reverb seems to go away.


That’s what it was. Thanks!

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