B3 comparison

I just did, thanks for helping out!

@Seet are you on mac or Windows? AU/VST/VST3?

I also contacted the VB3-II developers today - first contact about my graphical errors…


I think he just says that this is a memory dump etc.
Can you replicate with exact steps, that would help a lot.

I am on windows.

Crashes happen under all kinds of circumstances. When adjusting parameters in VB3-II, like @Stoffel also indicated. When loading a new gig file. When just playing a song.
Crashes were not always directly relatable to VB3-II, that’s why it took me a long time to figure out what was the cause.

OK, I’m on macOS - I had no real crashes so far (neither GP nor VB3-II), only minor graphical issues on the preset buttons, and only once a ghostly toggled leslie switch.

Let’s see, what the developers say…


Well, Blue3 and the GSiRotary (= VB3-II “Spin”) is also an interesting combination :sunglasses:

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Another Saturation beast:
HOFA SYSTEM Saturator-Suite

And alternative Leslie Simualation, not as CPU heavy L’otary2 or IK-Multimedia
UVI Rotary

I have also an issue with the VB3 in GP4. In the settings menu of the plug-in I changed the rotary switch to sustain pedal and saved the GP4 file (I’m on OSX).

When quitting en restart GP4 this settings always turns back in the default. It doesn’t save my change.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I did a test and changed to CC17, saved and reloaded => no Issue

Which plugin Version are you using?

No I mean in the plug-in > settings tab > rotary switch

Can you upload a screenshot of the settings?

Hm, I can confirm for AU/VST/VST3 - however I’m still in demo mode… The CC#64 mapping shows up OFF after reopening the gig.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-23 um 17.41.48

Also, the preset name shows up as “Welcome to VB3-II” - the drawbars however reflect the last saving (based on the selected preset)


BTW: no response fro GSi so far :frowning:


Ok, the not correctly shown Preset Name is a known “feature”.
But as the state of the plugin is stored and recalled this is just a missing information, the sound is correctly loaded.

On Mac this is not happening

Just noticed: Seems the last setting changed (multiple rackspaces with VB) is applied to all instances.

The screenshot above is from my mac…

When the gig is loaded, the setting of the VB in the last loaded rackspace seems to be applied to all previous loaded VB plugins.

So the settings seem to be stored outside of the plugin and not as plugin state.
Maybe we should ask the developer if that would be better, to store the setting in the state.

I just conctacted the developer and asked if that can be improved.

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@pianopaul BTW: do you have the graphical problems I showed above? I can force them by switching the plugin keyboard display on/off…

Yes, I do

The list for GSi gets longer :innocent: