AVB on macOS?


I’m wondering if we have any GP users here running GP (or any Mac at all) within an AVB network without a dedicated audio interface - just wired ethernet?

We already had some Dante discussions here, however I’m more curious about AVB, as this comes out of the box on macOS?

Even if this is a more HW related topic I think i fits more the macOS useres - so I leave it here…

What additional HW are you using?

I just watched AVB Audio with an Apple Computer - YouTube and this looks quit interesting to me. Just like Dante without the need of a DVS license…

What are your experiences/thoughts here?


PS: I’m already user of a SL 24.4.2AI w/o AVB - I could do a similar ‘trick’ /w an aggregated device and the Firewire connection…

I hope you’ve found your solution already since December. Still I would like to share how I’m using an AVB connection.

Since I wanted a parallel backup system, I needed both audio and MIDI interfaces that allowed two hosts at the same time.
So I went for a MOTU Ultralite AVB for audio using USB for Mac A and AVB for Mac B which works pretty well out of the box and with super flexible routing. Only when the connection is established (Mac powering up) or lost (shutting down) there are a couple of seconds of silence while synching. If the software crashed on Mac B, however, there is no synching pause, fortunately.

On the MIDI side I got an iConnectivity Mio4 and used its two individual USB-B connectors for the two hosts in the beginning. But now I only use its LAN connection since both Macs are hooked up to a network switch anyway. For Mac B I bought a USB-network adapter since the native LAN port is already in use for AVB.
No problems so far.

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