AVB on macOS?


I’m wondering if we have any GP users here running GP (or any Mac at all) within an AVB network without a dedicated audio interface - just wired ethernet?

We already had some Dante discussions here, however I’m more curious about AVB, as this comes out of the box on macOS?

Even if this is a more HW related topic I think i fits more the macOS useres - so I leave it here…

What additional HW are you using?

I just watched AVB Audio with an Apple Computer - YouTube and this looks quit interesting to me. Just like Dante without the need of a DVS license…

What are your experiences/thoughts here?


PS: I’m already user of a SL 24.4.2AI w/o AVB - I could do a similar ‘trick’ /w an aggregated device and the Firewire connection…

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I hope you’ve found your solution already since December. Still I would like to share how I’m using an AVB connection.

Since I wanted a parallel backup system, I needed both audio and MIDI interfaces that allowed two hosts at the same time.
So I went for a MOTU Ultralite AVB for audio using USB for Mac A and AVB for Mac B which works pretty well out of the box and with super flexible routing. Only when the connection is established (Mac powering up) or lost (shutting down) there are a couple of seconds of silence while synching. If the software crashed on Mac B, however, there is no synching pause, fortunately.

On the MIDI side I got an iConnectivity Mio4 and used its two individual USB-B connectors for the two hosts in the beginning. But now I only use its LAN connection since both Macs are hooked up to a network switch anyway. For Mac B I bought a USB-network adapter since the native LAN port is already in use for AVB.
No problems so far.

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Wondering the same thing …i wanna route audio from one mac to another for streaming and record video whit just the ethernet cable but Im not shure how its done…

This is also possible:

The level of success may vary. Keep in mind that, because two separate computers are not using the same clock, there will be some jitter. The plugins compensate for that, but at the cost of losing some frames, or stretching the stream a little. Furthermore the latency might be rather considerable, but for your kind of usage it is probably no problem

We have a great AVB tutorial:


AVB mac native setup whit ethernet cable for streaming and video recordings working , no latency the AVB device must be turn on whit “avbutill --controller” in terminal in the mac that send the audio , in the second mac open the midi audio setup them open network device browser and turn on the network audio device

What switch are you using? Or, do you wire directly?