Autofade velocity


Someone asked if there was a way to automatically fade out the sound by adjusting the velocity value of notes as you approach a split point, presumably so that you can automatically fade in a different sound at that split point. Gig Performer does not have such a facility built in at this time but I was sufficiently intrigued that I spent about 5 minutes to create a script that would do just that. Attached is the gig file and a short movie demonstrating this. I’m using an acoustic piano on the left and an electric piano on the right of the split point.
As usual, these scripts are not supported at all (don’t ask me to modify/enhance/change it) but in case someone is interested, here’s a guide to doing it. (132.5 KB)


Has anyone tried this? I’m actually quite impressed with how nicely this works to crossfade between splits


I didn’t try it, but I carefully read your script which illustrates very well how easy it is to add functionalities to GP without much efforts. A good idea, a few lines of script and that’s it. :+1:


It does sound pretty smooth.
What purposes would you see it having, outside of arpeggiated runs like the one you posted?


Dunno…someone else asked for it and I was just curious to see if I could implement it quickly with GP Script. GP Script is great for testing ideas that might one day be built in to GP if they’re of sufficient value