AutoChords - What is the right way

Over the years, I have played many synths claiming an Autochords feature. Oddly enough, they all did it differently … but almost always they sounded terrible or at the least very rudimentary. This was most likely because the hardware in my day didn’t have the horsepower to do it right … and of course “right” is the purpose of my thread.

I had a recent discussion with a friend who is an accomplished Juliard-trained pianist who had programmed an autochord algorithm. I started off by saying, “I have used your autochord and I don’t think it does the right thing. If I play a Gminor chord and then impart that to the melody note, it just adds Gmin notes to every melody note I play. What about the Minor Melodic Scale and all the other scales - shouldn’t they come into play? What about passing diminished chords? It just doesn’t sound natural and that is the purpose of doing it in the first place.” He agreed. :slight_smile: So, based on this, I am looking for an explanation and/or theory on what should actually be done to create a harmonically correct authochord (most likely based on some scale and genre). … and yes, I would love to do it in GP Script. :slight_smile: