Auto Swell VST?

Can anybody recommend a VST which does a convincing Auto Swell Effect (Volume Pedal Effect)? Or are there some MIDI tricks hidden in Gig Performer to do this?
I am also looking for a VST which does a nice Ebow Effect because I have gotten a little tired trying to emulate a natural Guitar Feedback Effect. I think in a lot of situations an Ebow Effect can sound as good or even better…

I don’t know if this is responsive to your question, but if you search through synth presets on lots of synths you will find various swells. (I use one in Yaz’ Situation and another one in the beginning of It’s My life by No Doubt).

My impression is a swell usually has at least two components, the volume and a change in timber (usually increasing brightness).

But, maybe you are just asking for an envelope to control volume? Any particular sound?


For ebow or feedback emulation i use the Blue Cat’s AcouFiend. You can adjust it to taste. What instrument do you play? If is guitar there is an auto swell on helix native but I haven’t used it

As I said this is an indirect approach in order to recreate a nice musical guitar feedback tone. Recently I have purchased and Ebow and I think it sounds amazing. I realized that I am not so much after a dissonant guitar feedback tone, but more a musical Ebow Tone. So that is the tone I am looking for and yes it can be in the form of just a preset sound or of a VST which enables you to control the envelope.

I know Acoufiend, but maybe I use it wrong, but it seems to me that it doesn’t sound consistent. Sometimes it goes in the right direction, sometimes not. I play guitar into quad cortex, but I also have the option to use the guitar as an input to gig performer and if I would you the MIDIGuitar 2Plugin there also exists the option to transform the Guitar Input into a MIDI Input for Gig Performer, but I don’t really use MIDIGuitar2 normally.

Can you share some musical examples that you want to achieve? Thanks

The first 30 seconds:

Ok got it, well i can only think in 2 scenarios. Both using the bluecat vst but besides that, i would do the swell manually . I would not know how to set a swell with a vst but either a volumen fx controlled via midi pedal or a knob volume sweep on your guitar should help to get that organic sound. In my opinion the bluecat vst could do the trick but i would agree that an ebow produces a little bit different feedback. I would not know how to explain it but i would be satisfied using a volume control and the feedback generator from bluecat.

Here is one of my examples using the feedback. It is the solo from like a stone. Sorry for my poor playing.

Let me know what you think

Nice playing and sounds good.


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Thank you, this might be useful to nail the general tone, but not so much about the feedback effect in the intro.

there is the old-fashioned method: place your guitar against the speaker and move the guitar slightly to modulate the feedback. :wink:

That doesn’t work when you don’t have amps on stage which is often the case these days.

However, if you have headphones, hang them on the mic stand and hold the guitar in front of one of the headphone speakers :slight_smile:

That is true if you are using in-ears, but there is often a wedge or a side hanging around on the stage that does the job perfectly - except for the sound technician :sweat_smile:

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You could consider playing a guitar with a sustainiac. I love my Schecter Apocalypse

[WHY SUSTAINIAC RULES - YouTube](https://short video showing sustainiac)

Sustainiac home page