Auto sustainer question


is there a way to stop the auto sustainer from accumulating new notes without releasing the old notes?


I’m assuming you want to be able to push a button (say) that would stop accumulating new notes. Would you then use another button to stop notes? Or are you trying to set a limit to the number of notes that accumulate?

What’s the use-case here?


yes, i want to be able to add low drone notes using a synth controlled by my guitar via midiguitar, and play on top of them. so: 1 button to turn on sustain, one to stop accumulating notes, the first button again to turn off sustain altogether when i want to.

it seems like blocking note-off messages might be one way to do the sustain on and off, if autosustainer isn’t the thing for this, then sending them later using some GP magic of remembering notes? so i could block note-off when i want to play notes into the drone, then unblock it for playing on top, then send note-offs for the sustained notes when i’m done. (if that could work, i could even drop in and out of adding notes to the drone, i suppose.)


You probably should instead look at the NoteTracker object in GPScript which can keep track of what notes are “On” and use your own OnNoteOn and OnNoteOff events to do what you need.


ok, i’ll look into that, thanks