Auto Sampler to sample sound from external Keyboard

Hi specialists,

due to GP I am changing me keyboard set up from sound generating keybords (as my loved Roland RD2000) to only VST’s.

The most sounds are the same or better quality as in my RD2000; but one E-Piano sound I am not able to simulate.

Now my idea; with the new auto sampler I could somehow sample the sound from the hardware device, right?
As I never routed from GP to the RD2000, just from the RD2000 to GP I have no idea how to wire it?

Any idea how to do?

Something like this: Auto Sampler Generator

Yes, thanks.
I just wonder what I have to set up to tell GP to trigger the right sound in the RD2000.
May I just have to try it when I am back at the system, I am currently on the road.


You have to set up the sound that you want sampled. The auto sampler system just sends note messages out….it doesn’t configure your sound.

Do you know this?

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that gave me the idea to sample the sound of the RD.
I just never send any midi out from GP to play a sound in the RD2000, just the opposite way, but I guess it’s not to difficult…

This function is fantastic, that will bring up a lot new „library’s“…

You might not be pleased with the results of your sampling if you just sample one set of sounds. Decent sampling requires in most cases:

  • sampling multiple sets of samples at different velocity levels (for velocity sensitive instruments),
  • finding naturally sounding loop-points (samples are typically short to save space, but they are looped at some point, so the sound can ring out forever),
  • blending transitions between samples sets to hide the fact that you’re switching to different sample sets.

You might use Auto Sampler to capture audio files, but you probably should continue your work in full featured sampler, like Kontakt, which offers all the tools required to map sample files to zones on a keyboard and help with all the transitions, loop points detection, etc.

Ok, I will try and see how it works.

I have managed it already quite good with the audio file import function of Omnisphere.
It works very good in a certain key range.
I recorded C4 and it sounds good in about 2 octaves up and down.
If I would add a audio file of C2 and C6, and layer them in Omnisphere it may gives a better result.

Yes, the more keys you sample the more realistic it will sound but the instrument will be bigger in terms of MB. Transposing single sample file by two octaves will probably add some audible artifacts but it of course depends on the source sounds and the effect you’re after. Might be worth to try to sample at least a key per octave. Anyway, have fun sampling!

I followed the video instruction, but it created many small wav files of each tone, but no file
which I can open with DecentSampler?
What’s wrong?

Follow the documentation instead of the video😉


You need to select the option to “Generate Decent Sampler XML file”. The settings for that are not visible in the default ASG window. Click “Options” and this will then be shown. Best of luck :+1:

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Thanks to all helpers, reading the manual helps :smiling_face:

I managed it, thanks!

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That’s great to hear. :slight_smile: